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27 janvier 2020

My Experience In London


Hi my friends, no need to introduce myself, i hope that you are fine, today if i go to you, it's for talk about my experience in London.

Already to start, if i left over there it's for my studies because i wanted learn the english language and to learn how to use a personnal work method. Without lying, at the begining, i was not very receptive beacause i did not want leave my family and my friends, but they convince me by telling me : " You should go to continue your studies with more precisions ", " You can make new friends ", "We will come to visit you "... Anyway, they tried as much as possible to convince me and i will give in because i said to myself that was going to make me change my scenery.


Once arrived, i have a little scary beacause i was not in my comfort zone but i meet Angel, Amandine, Dren and Mathys who are french like me, and it's at that moment that i enjoyed London with my new friends. After school, we often went to library then we went to visit some museums or monuments, or we were going shopping, wewere in collocation, so it was straightforward to get back.


The studies were happening very well, i understood every subjects, and that's what made me proud of my decision. I intended to do 1 year but i enjoyed this experience so i decided to continue my studies all making back and forth in France.


Honestly, if you hesitate, try and you will not be disappointed even if it's a heavy decision, you can do it, it's juste enough have self confidence.

You should make a ride, even if it's only a weekend, you will feel good because the Britains are kind and astounding despite the cliché even if always drink tea.


Differents discovered :


                                                The British Museum | London, England | World For Travel   


                 The British Museum, Great Russell Street, Londres



Survey of London: The Charterhouse by Philip Temple - Yale ...


The Charterhouse,The Charterhouse
Charterhouse Square

Buckingham Palace, Buckingham Palace, Buckingham Palace Road, London

The Queen's Gallery Buckingham Palace London England ...



Video: Hall palace interior in Pushkin St. Petersburg ...



Buckingham Palace hosts exhibition of the dresses, the ...

We have discovered other museums, malls ...

But if i put everything, we will not get out.

SO..ANYWAY, i hope that  you pleased, if you have a aquestions, don't hesitate! BYE

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